Who we are


After graduating from the University of Applied Sciences Wels in 2000 with a degree in "Automated Plant and Process Engineering" Wolfgang Leitner started his international career in a industrial company in Wels, Upper—Austria. For one year and a half, he led the implementation department of the Spanish office in Barcelona and thus speaks both fluent English and Spanish.


Being the head of sales with focus on marketing showed him the potential and the necessity to inform customers with short videos about products and services and to emphasize the own strengths.

What we do

We produce videos to present facts or context in a simple way and thus generate understanding among the spectators in no time. We always decide in close customer coordination with a clear focus on the target audience what video style we use and how the story is told, .


The worm must taste good to the fish and not to the angler…True to this motto, we focus on designing the content with its graphic, cultural, linguistic and acoustic aspects in a way that best suits the viewer.

What's important to us

Personal conversation is very important to us when it comes to cooperation with our clients. In order to exactly understand what they want to achieve with the video we take enough time. This focus on the project start and our special order process ensure an economical use of the valuable time of our customers.


In most cases, just a few hours from the first meeting to the finished video are enough.

How we see the world

In our world, so closely connected by the internet, it has become easy to get in touch with people around the globe and work together with them. However, what modern communication can’t replace is the necessary understanding of cultures, structures and worldviews, which slightly differ in every country, every age group and every form of organization.


Through our experience in different companies in varying sizes and through long stays abroad, we have broadened our horizons. Made in Austria, made for the world.


And, of course, we also use the internet to engage the perfect native speakers and translators for our projects.


We talk engineerish

Through our education and professional experience, we are able to connected to our customers in terms of technical processes or entrepreneurial issues. That's why we are able to support companies with difficult technical backgrounds or tricky processes as well as customers who are just looking for that creative something.


What your customers should think

Aah… I got it! (Austrian German: i versteh!)